Both of Cathy Newton’s courses are designed for your convenience. They are divided into 3 – 5 minute content segments (42 segments in Risk Course and 25 segments in Work/Life Balance Course) available to you 24/7 to fit your schedule and pace.

  • Be engaged in meaningful exercises and challenges.
  • Benefit from stories, humor and spirit.
  • Gain fresh insights and practical strategies for positive action.

Course Title: Risk Taking for Entrepreneurs

Course Description: Many people tend to freeze up when faced with what they perceive to be risky situations. Saying “no” to risk is comfortable. It’s safe. But it’s not the formula for personal or entrepreneurial success. How important is it for you to: Perform up to par? Positively influence others? Maintain integrity? Achievement of these competencies requires some risk! Don’t settle for risk aversion or mediocrity. This course will help you exercise your “risk taking muscles” and learn strategies to become a more purposeful risk taker.

Learning Outcomes: This experiential course will engage you to:

  1. Consider your risk-taking versus risk-avoidance mindset.
  2. Identify practical strategies for building your intellectual, social and emotional risk taking strength.
  3. Examine the correlation between taking the right risks and the positive impact it will have on your entrepreneurial style, the accomplishment of your business mission and on the people you serve.

Course Title: Balancing Work & Life in a Crazy, Connected World

As a busy professional, you balance full schedules, demanding deadlines and stressful challenges in both your work and personal life. In an increasingly connected world, the distinction between work and life has blurred causing ambiguity and stress. This course will help you understand energy catalysts and how to best use them. Get an energetic power charge and learn how to cope with commotion, keep your cool, and claim your life balance.

Learning Objectives: This course will engage you to:

  1. Understand the connection between your energy state and life balance.
  2. Describe the three energy catalysts that affect performance, effectiveness and motivation (Focus, Creativity, and Relaxation).
  3. Identify practical strategies to restore life balance.
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