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Cathy’s customized, high-energy and interactive presentations hit the mark.  She has an innovative style of engaging participants with quick and fun interactive challenges to inspire them. Her presentation style builds positive energy with stories, spirit and humor.

Change Management

Are You Change-Ready…or Change-Resistant?

Brief Description:
Change is happening at lightning speed. It seems more pervasive and the variables are uncertain. Are you—and your staff—change-ready or change-resistant? Don’t hunker down in change-resistance when it could affect your reputation, performance and the quality of service you provide. Confront your own biases on change. Learn pro-active methods to support others in shifting change-resistance to change-readiness. And learn personal strategies for stayin’ alive through change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • 1. Recognize the signs of change-resistance and understand why people resist change.
  • 2. Develop influence and execute strategies that will help others take the risk to change.
  • 3. Identify techniques that will help you focus on benefits, skills, attitude and shift into change-readiness.

Work Life Balance

Balancing Work & Life in a Crazy, Connected World

Brief Description:
As a busy professional, you balance full schedules, demanding deadlines and stressful challenges in both your work and personal life. In an increasingly connected world, the distinction between work and life has blurred causing ambiguity and stress. Work/life balance is centered in your energetic state of being. Understand energy catalysts and how to best use them. Learn how to cope with commotion, keep your cool, and claim your life balance.

Learning Outcomes: This experiential session will engage you to:

  • 1. Understand the connection between energy, emotional intelligence and life balance.
  • 2. Describe the three energy catalysts that affect individual performance, effectiveness and motivation (Focus, Creativity, and Relaxation).
  • 3. Identify practical strategies to restore life balance.
  • 4. Examine the link between your renewed commitment to work/life balance and the positive impact it will have on your productivity and peace of mind and on the people you serve.


From Confusion to Clarity

Brief Description:
Millennials…they’re numerous, they’re the future, and they know it. Their preferences, values and needs matter and will increasingly impact talent decisions and business outcomes.  Can the millennial “work/life perspective” and an organization’s “business balance” be compatible?  This session will demystify the confusion by helping you come to grips with generational differences on work/life expectations.  And it will bring clarity by helping you create a formulated plan to address the changes needed for the continued success of your organization.

Learning Outcomes: This experiential session will engage you to:

  • 1. Acknowledge your own perception on money, motivation for working and business focus.
  • 2. Understand how the younger generation of workers perceive work, what they value, and why they desire more work/life integration.
  • 3. Clarify your non-negotiable performance standards and consider how to develop those behaviors and talents in the millennial workforce.
  • 4. Decide how you can best adapt your practices/culture/mindset to align with the millennial values your organization finds meaningful.

Teamwork & Team Building

Influence: How to Get Great Results in Teamwork

Brief Description:
What if you could help others perform better—and at the same time enhance your skills and job satisfaction—using the power of influence in teamwork? Influence is your ability to positively affect the thoughts and actions of other people. It’s the principle that sustains relationships, elevates productivity and stabilizes trust. It requires some risk! Exercise your “risk-taking” muscles. Learn common sense strategies to maximize your influence. Think of the great results you will get. RISK IT!

Learning Outcomes: This experiential session will engage you to:

  • 1. See other people as strategic allies with resources.
  • 2. Describe the types of resources available to you.
  • 3. Understand the different energetic styles of giving and receiving resources.
  • 4. Examine the correlation between risk, influence and the value of improved teamwork.


Wellness in Full Swing: How to Jumpstart a Healthier Lifestyle

Brief Description:
Wellness demands high performance…in full swing! But do you sometimes feel like you’ve fallen off the swing? Are there times when you are not well, not up to par, and don’t look or feel good? What’s happened? These are NOT inevitable symptoms of aging but the results of diet, lifestyle and stress. Isn’t it time to get up, get out and get on with being healthy and well? Learn commonsense strategies to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and get back in the swing of your natural state of wellness.

Learning Objectives: This experiential session will engage you to:

  • 1. Understand the wellness problem and why smart people take dumb health risks.
  • 2. Identify practical, useful strategies of the wellness solution.
  • 3. Create powerful wellness intentions to empower your commitment to health and wellbeing.


Taking the Lead by Taking Risks

Brief Description:
Did you grow up hearing and believing: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen? Don’t rock the boat? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Those risk-avoidance mindsets might influence the way you engage in leadership. Don’t gamble on your present or future results! Exercise your “risk-taking” muscles and flip those clichés. Learn practical strategies for purposeful risk-taking to develop the head, heart and guts of leadership. RISK IT!

Learning Objectives: This experiential session will engage you to:

  • 1. Consider your risk-taking versus risk-avoidance mindset as a leader.
  • 2. Identify practical strategies to take purposeful risks for enhanced leadership (Head: Intellectual risk-taking, Heart: Social risk-taking, Guts: Emotional risk-taking)
  • 3. Examine the correlation between you taking the right risks and the positive impact it will have on your leadership style, the accomplishment of your organization’s mission and on the people you serve.

Custom Presentations

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