When you need a motivational speaker to engage and inspire your people to take risks and face workplace challenges like…

  • Change Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Teamwork / Team Building
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Leadership
  • Wellness
  • Collaboration

…then Cathy Newton is a great fit for your event. Cathy is a professional keynote speaker with a bold, inspiring and timely message. In her keynotes, professional development workshops and executive retreats, Cathy helps professionals get in the full swing of risk taking for personal growth and helps organizations build a risk taking culture. Cathy leads audiences in an experiential way to explore the content and integrate it into their lives. She loves to see other people get charged up when they learn how liberating it is to take smart risks — purposeful risks that remove barriers to personal and professional growth.

Cathy’s customized, high-energy and interactive presentations hit the mark.  She always challenges participants to stretch themselves further and… Live in Full Swing!  Her ability to connect with people in an experiential way helps them become purposeful risk takers.

Your people will:

  • Be engaged in meaningful and interactive challenges
  • Gain fresh insights and practical strategies for positive action
  • Benefit from stories, humor and spirit
  • Laugh and have FUN!

Cathy is ready to bring her captivating energy and excitement to your keynote address. You can view all of her videos by clicking on the youtube icon in the right column. Read more about Cathy’s live presentations below.

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[ Keynote presentations are typically  45  to  90  minutes in length ]

Topic:  Change Management

Title:  Stayin’ Alive Through Change… How to Flip Change-Resistance into a Change-Readiness Mindset

Change is happening at lightning speed.  It seems more pervasive, the variables are uncertain.  Are you—and your staff—change-ready or change-resistant?  Don’t hunker down in change-resistance when it could affect your professional reputation, your team’s performance and the quality of service you provide.. This interactive presentation will help you confront your own biases on change.  You will learn pro-active methods to support others in shifting change-resistance to change-readiness.  And you will learn personal strategies for staying alive through change!

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Topic:  Performance Improvement / Development

Title:  LIVING in Full Swing…RISK IT!

Every profession demands high performance…in full swing! Maybe you sense that you were meant to swing higher?  Don’t settle for risk aversion or mediocrity. This interactive presentation will teach you about the head, heart, and guts of performance improvement. Get in the swing, exercise your “risk-taking” muscles, and learn practical strategies to maximize your potential.  RISK IT!

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Topic:  Teamwork / Team building

Title:  INFLUENCE… How to Get Great Results in Teamwork

What if you could help others perform better—and at the same time enhance your skills and job satisfaction—by using the power of INFLUENCE in teamwork? Influence is your ability to positively affect the thoughts and actions of other people. It’s the principle that sustains relationships, elevates productivity and stabilizes trust. It requires some risk. Exercise your “risk taking” muscles! Learn common sense strategies to maximize your influence. Think of the great results you will get. RISK IT!

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Topic:  Work / Life Balance

Title:  Balancing Work and Life…in a Crazy, Connected World!

In this crazy, connected world, you have instant access to everything and everybody via electronic devices. But those entryways to your attention can cause a myriad of distractions that leave you unfocused, stressed…and out-of-balance! This session will get you back in the swing of balance with an energetic power-charge! You will learn how to apply attention and mindfulness to your own work/life experiences. And you will learn commonsense strategies to cope with commotion, keep your cool, and claim your life balance.

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Topic:  Leadership

Title:  LEADING in Full Swing… How to Develop the Head, Heart, and Guts of Leadership

Did you grow up hearing and believingDon’t rock the boat? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?  If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?  Those risk-avoidance mindsets might influence the way you engage in leadership. Don’t gamble on your present or future results! In this session you will exercise your “risk-taking” muscles and learn practical strategies to develop the head, heart and guts of leadership. This experiential approach will help you flip those cliches, internalize connections to real-life situations, and make this session lively and fun! RISK IT!

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Topic:  Wellness

Title:  WELLNESS in Full Swing…Jump-start A Healthier Lifestyle

Are there times when you are not well, not up to par, and don’t look or feel good? What’s happened?  These are  NOT  inevitable symptoms of aging but the results of a terrible diet and lifestyle!  Isn’t it time to get up, get out, and get on with being healthy and well? That means right now, with conscious intention, and without delay.  This session will give you a power charge to get back in the swing of your natural state of wellness.

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Topic:  Collaboration

Title:  How to COLLABORATE… for Innovative Ideas

Collaboration involves social and intellectual RISK! It’s an uncertain, explorative, and sometimes messy process. But it is essential for innovation. This session will offer you the chance to flex your risk-taking muscles and get involved in the collaborative process.  This experiential approach will help you practice strategies, internalize connections to real-life situations, and make this session lively and fun! So roll up your sleeves and RISK IT!

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Customized Presentations?

Don’t be afraid to ask. Cathy will gladly customize a presentation to meet your specific needs or to reflect the conference or meeting.