Learning Objectives

This experiential session will engage you to:

  • Consider your risk-taking versus risk-avoidance mindset as a leader.
  • Identify practical strategies to take risks for enhanced leadership: HEAD- intellectual risk taking; HEART- social risk taking; and GUTS- emotional risk-taking.
  • Examine the correlation between you taking the right risks and the positive impact it will have on your leadership style, the accomplishment of your organization’s mission, and on the people you serve.


Do you have the time, energy, and skills to …perform up to par? …positively influence others? …and maintain your integrity?  Achievement of these competencies requires some RISK. Let’s flip those risk-avoidance clichés.

Part IHEAD: Intellectual Risk Taking to “turn up the heat”– Research and technology create constant change in information and practice. Embrace innovation and perform up to par with these strategies:

  • Keep mentally sharp
  • Ask good questions
  • Try new things

Part IIHEART: Social Risk Taking to “rock the boat” – The real job of a leader is to positively influence people. Connect with others and build your social capital with these strategies:

  • See others as your strategic allies
  • Understand behavior styles
  • Build trust

Part IIIGUTS: Emotional Risk Taking to “fix it” – Stressful circumstances or negative people can jolt your emotional stability–if you allow it. Maintain your integrity.  Self-govern your emotional state with these strategies:

  • Breathe…and become centered
  • Don’t blow…re-direct the flow
  • Proceed with kindness


This interactive keynote presentation will build positive energy with stories, humor and audience interaction.  Cathy has an innovative style of engaging you with challenges to inspire you to internalize habits for higher leadership.  This experiential approach will help you practice the strategies outlined above, internalize connections to real-life leadership situations, and make this session lively and fun!