Learning Objectives

This experiential session will engage you to:

  • Understand the wellness problem and why smart people take dumb health risks
  • Identify practical, useful strategies of the wellness solution
  • Learn how to create powerful wellness intentions to empower your commitment to health and wellness


Wellness is your most precious asset.  Maintaining your body’s health, fitness, strength, and energy demands daily attention.

Part I – The Wellness Problem. Many people lack the information, resources, or motivation to make healthy choices.

  • Dumb health risks
  • Reasons why smart people indulge in risky behaviors that diminish efficiency and cause health problems
  • How we’ve been duped!

Part II – The Wellness Solution. Be a proactive, health-minded person and practice strategies for good health, looking better, slowing the effects of aging, and preventing disease.

  • Eat the right food in the right amounts
  • Move more
  • Manage Stress

Part III – Your Wellness Intentions. Create the Wellness Intentions—with the steps and pace that are right for you—that will put you on the path for better health and well being.

  • The power of intention
  • Understanding your WHY?
  • Empower your commitment to wellness


This interactive presentation will build positive energy with vivid stories, light-hearted humor and audience interaction.  Cathy has an innovative style of engaging participants with quick and fun interactive challenges to inspire them to internalize habits for better health and wellness.  This experiential approach will help participants practice the strategies outlined above, construct connections to real-life situations, and make this session lively and fun!