“Cathy spoke at our Kansas City Buying Show about RISK TAKING! Her presentation was both thought provoking and energetic. She challenged the audience to understand risk and to embrace its challenges throughout life and business. I would gladly recommend Cathy to any group or business looking for a motivational speaker.”

-Peter Schneider, President, Athletic Dealers of America

“Cathy spoke to the Board of Directors for the Parkville Area Chamber of Commerce and she was OUTSTANDING! Her high energy presentation provided the spark we needed to RISK IT and think outside of the box. I would highly recommend Cathy for any business or group that is looking for a motivational speaker. Great presentation!”
-Amy Acock, Executive Director, Parkville Area Chamber of Commerce

“Cathy served as the morning speaker and opened our conference with energy, creativity and thought-provoking strategies toward professional development. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone with great motivational skills. We plan to invite her back for future events.”
–Michele Radney, Conference Chair, MO Department of Natural Resources

“Thanks for speaking at our annual Administration & Finance Retreat.  We wish we could bottle your energy!  One of our directors commented that you were able to help us recapture our enthusiasm and not take things so seriously.”
-Sharon Brinton, University of Central Missouri

“My experience with keynote speakers is that they have a lot to do with setting the tone for a conference.  You most definitely set a very positive tone…and provided our Principals with valuable information they can utilize in the personal lives as well as their schools.”
-Dave Backer, Conference Coordinator, MO Assn of Secondary School Principals

“It’s not easy to keep the interest and attention of 900 high school students. However, with your interactive, energetic style of delivery, you kept the kids focused on the message.  The laughter and enthusiasm of the students was a reflection of how you related to them.”
-Cindy Whitaker, Director of Education, MO State Teachers Assn (Future Teachers of America conference)

“The staff has NOT quit talking about the culture building workshop you did for us!  They especially loved the interactive exercises because they are usable in everyday life.  You achieved for us a new level of awareness and openness AND a great team building experience for the start of a new school year.”
-Jane Ann Gorsky, Director, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf

“Your keynote was the perfect message to reinforce our theme and motivate the participants to take the right risks for self-discovery.  Your presentation had a compelling impact.  Thanks for your inspiration.”
–Adele Lisko, DeVry University

“Not only were your targets “right on”, but your style of presentation was phenomenal.  The teambuilding activities focused our energy on working together as a staff.  The thought-provoking activities guided us on the process of reforming our mission.  In the 5 years I have been principal, I’ve never seen such consistently positive reviews from the staff.”
-Susan Hurst, Principal, Smithville Middle School

“For the last six years, we have been looking for a dynamic speaker who can inspire high school students at our RYLA camp.  The students became highly motivated with your unique style of teaching and interaction. You are the right person for this job.  It’s a privilege to have listened and seen your enthusiasm…two thumbs up for a great job.”
–Bob Gaw, RYLA Camp Chairman, Rotary Youth Leading America

“Thanks for sharing your energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge with us. Our Improv Troupe performed the skit (from your workshop) at the South Dakota Counseling Assn annual convention last week. I know you had a lasting impact on other students as well.”
–Jill Stephenson, Safe & Drug Free Schools Coordinator, Aberdeen School District, South Dakota

“Although this event is held annually and has included a variety of speakers, you are the BEST!  Our counselors said that this year’s event was by far the best Counselor Appreciation Day that they had attended.  We owe this accolade to your enthusiasm and unforgettable presentation. You had a compelling impact.”
–Charisse Childers, COLLEGE NOW Director, Arkansas Northeastern University

“FANTASTIC! What a great job you did planning and facilitating our Staff Retreat.  I was especially pleased at the response you elicited from the group as we grew together professionally.  I appreciate your knowledge and insight into the various important issues educators face today.”
–Bob Senniger, Principal, Mount Vernon Middle School

“I attest to the excellent quality of the team-building workshop you facilitated for our Administrative Team. Your personable and articulate approach solicited active participation and your expertise was evident in the variety of ways in you engaged us. Your enthusiasm, understanding and professional approach improved our ability to work as an effective team.”
-Mary Kitterman, Ph.D., Dean of Instruction, Maple Woods Community College

“It’s hard for a presenter to reach all levels, but your presentation was applicable to early childhood, elementary, middle and high school principals. Your presentation style modeled active teaching, teaching to multiple intelligences, and using cooperative learning—all the things we ask of our teachers in the classroom.  I know our principals appreciated the day—because even as they left they were still talking about it!”
-Carol Ann Peterson, OSB, Associate Superintendent, Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph

“Your energy and enthusiasm were a great way to end our Hematology-Oncology Section Retreat.    The staff came away energized, with some great ideas on how to implement teamwork in our department.  Your dynamic presentation style, humorous exercises and straightforward suggestions really made an impact!”
-Katherine R. Mick, RN, Education Coordinator, The Children’s Mercy Hospital

“Cathy, there is something inherently captivating about your presence…You had nurses regaled in laughter.  Your information is valuable across the board of humanity.”
-Maryann Rice, RN, St. John’s Mercy Hospital

“You brought energy and enthusiasm to your presentation and kept our managers highly interested all afternoon.  Best we have had to date.”
-Cathy Cole, Director of Health Information, McCune-Brooks Hospital

“What can we say but AWESOME and OUTSTANDING! Your expertise and dedication was evident in your presentation.”
–Lori Bonnot, Program Manager, MO League for Nursing, Inc.

“Your energetic style allows participants to interact and participate, keeping everyone focused on learning throughout the day.”
–Beverly Taulbee, Vice-President, MO Assn of Directors of Hospital Volunteer Services

“We loved your energy and enthusiasm as you addressed current issues. And we appreciate that you customized your presentation around Coordinated School Health and the theme of our conference.”
–Darlene Huff, RN, MO Coordinated School Health Coalition

“Wow!  What energy you brought to our Missouri REC Secretaries’ Conference.  We were looking for a speaker to close out the conference on a high note and you did.  You have the ability of getting attendees involved in your presentation and making interaction fun.  Your enthusiasm was catching and made us all ready to take risks.”
-Nancy Dunwiddie, Assn of Missouri Electric Cooperatives

“Thanks for the outstanding work you did with the MASSP Board of Directors. By focusing on the benefits and services of the Association, you have given us valuable insight and focus to set the stage for our programs for the coming year.”
–Jim King, Executive Director, MO Assn of Secondary School Principals

“You brought a zest of sparkle to the Missouri School Counselor Assn conference! Your energy and vitality were presented in a dynamic way as you shared strategies to the professional school counselors for improving their own well-being as they serve others.  Counselors were saying, ‘I really needed that!’”
-Joni Rost, President, Missouri School Counselor Assn

“Cathy was full of energy and easy to work with. Everyone loved her. Cathy is inspirational, energetic, positive, and very creative. She grabbed the audience attention and kept them engaged. Great Job!!!”
-Stephanie Woerth, MO College Personnel Assn

“We have used Cathy as the kick-off speaker and presenter at our annual spring human resources conference in 2007 and 2008. She is energetic, creative, and engaging. High marks for her presentation skills.”
Frank Lazzaro, MO Hospital Assn-Human Resources

“Cathy Newton delivers on her promises… she covered every area of concern, laced her speech with wit and humor, managed to relax the attendees, and the interactivity with the crowd was flawless, unforced, and comfortable.”
-John A. Short, CMP EventPros, Inc

“Your presentations were extremely organized and motivational. The hands-on activities were valuable and kept everyone alert and invigorated. I’ve heard nothing but praise for both trainings.”
–P.J. Petrillo, Youth Outreach Unit, Blue Springs Police Department

“You were wonderful to work with.  Your desire to know our audience and meet our objectives was evident during our conversations prior to the IFB conference. And your presentation was excellent.”
–Melissa Brooks, Iowa Farm Bureau

“Compliments to you on your high energy, great use of examples, and engaging speaking style.”
–Margaret Wolff, American Farm Bureau Federation

“Your opening keynote and break-out sessions were the favorites of the conference.  A participant commented: Cathy is likely to be changing the world—if even one of her ideas gets put into action—one person at a time.”
–Carol Krenning, AmeriCorps Kansas

“Your high energy message is supported by a tremendously creative communications program that keeps participants focused. The response is enthusiasm and emotion.”
-Steve Shoot, The FEC Companies

“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at our Managers’ Retreat.  Your delivery was so engaging that we all agreed the time just flew by!  By any measure, you are a very effective speaker and educator.”
–Mary Ecklund, The Law Firm of Shughart Thomson & Kilroy

“I must have taken the message about risk taking to heart.  When I got back to work after the conference, I decided to take a chance at what I thought was impossible.  My company was searching for a new plant manager and I (a computer draftsman) put in for the job.  They were so impressed with my request, they are putting me through a progressive training program for plant management.  Thanks for the inspiration!”
-David Davidson, MAC Equipment, Inc. (conference participant)

“Energetic, enthusiastic and relevant, Cathy can bring a topic to life with her stories and interactive activities. Her ability to bring the point home in a way that means something to the individual participant is what makes her presentation top-notch!”
-Shelley Wales, KC Career Professionals

“Cathy captivated the audience at my Midlife Divorce Recovery Boot Camp. She encouraged attendees to see the value of risk-taking as a part of life that stimulates personal growth. Her upbeat persona and the way she engaged the women and gave them new hope during her presentation was impressive. I highly recommend her for any speaking situation that calls for increasing empowerment, teamwork, adventure and just pure joy! Hire her! You won’t be sorry!”
-Suzy Brown, Midlife Divorce Recovery Boot Camp

“A ball of energy and a heart of gold! If you’re looking for someone to keep your audience engaged and come away re-energized, then look no further… Cathy Newton is the speaker for you! Today I had opportunity to see Cathy in action with a business audience. She is a PRO when it comes to incorporating valuable information with humor, warmth, and interaction. Way to go, Cathy!”
-Kathleen Randall, CEO , Randall Resources International

“Dynamic, powerful, thought provoking, and results minded – these are the terms that come to mind when I think of Cathy Newton’s impact on her audiences. She is a very professional speaker that gets the audience excited with meaningful information that they can apply for a better life right now. She is a gem that needs no polishing since her presentations are power packed!”
-Rich Delaney, President , 20/20 Marketing

“Your knowledge and expertise are impressive! The evaluations were excellent …Cathy gave the very best conference presentation I have ever enjoyed; Cathy’s a great inspiration with exceptional energy; Cathy offered opportunities to engage with other members and the two hours flew by; Cathy is dynamic.”
-Renna Lemberis, Meeting Planner, Illinois Hospital Assn.

“Thank you for being the keynote speaker at our 17th Annual Business Conference. We received very positive feedback from your keynote presentation….comments like: “What a happy person, she must lead a very fun life!”, “Loved her enthusiasm,” “Great keynote,” “She left us with many things to think about!” And that’s just to name a few!”
-Angie Potas, Minnesota Education Department

“I want to express my appreciation for the outstanding presentation you gave at our spring retreat. You had us in the “swing” from beginning to end. Although you have probably made this presentation many times you were as fresh and energized as if it was the first time!”
-Pat Scheer, President, OK Society of Directors of Hospital Volunteer Services

“Our volunteers can’t stop talking about “Living in Full Swing!” Your presentation style, colorful anecdotes and over-the-top energy truly resonated with our active seniors. We believe your program re-energized our volunteer staff and armed them with new insights on how to positively improve their mind, body and spirit!”
-Catherine Rice, Senior Associate of Communications, Providence Medical Center/Saint John Hospital

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your words of wisdom and experience at the 2012 Conference on Service and Volunteerism in Overland Park, KS, last month. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and I was able to apply much of what you shared to my volunteer program.”
-Becca Burns, Director of Volunteer Services, The Willow Domestic Violence Center